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Monday, June 07, 2010

Our God is an Awesome God!

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind! I'll try to catch up on what has been going on in our lives and how God has shown HIMSELF AWESOME over and over!
Dave and I have been making many trips to Tyler for Dr. appointments, tests (Echo gram; PET Scan) follow up visits. I reported on this in the last blog. The GREAT news is that the PET scan showed that I was cancer free! To God be the glory and thank you all for your prayers. I am now in DETOX mode...still in need of prayer! Started a 7 day cleanse today. I will have the port removed on the 28th and don't see the DR again for 3 months.
We were in Dallas/Little Elm for Caitlin's graduation. We are so proud of her. She completed 13 years of home schooling and graduated with honors and a National Merit Scholar- (that translates to a 4 year ride wherever she chooses. Caitlin will be attending U of Texas at Denton where she also qualified for a music scholarship in Viola. She wants to major in Writing and Literature. Caitlin delivered probably the most phenomenal graduation speech we have ever heard (do yo think we might be prejudiced? we are but it really was!) We are so thankful to God for the way HE has gifted her and how she has used these talents for His glory. That same weekend I attended a conference in the Dallas area with Kevin Dedmond from Bethal Church in Redding, CA. I went with high expectations and was not disappointed. God called me out for healing which was confirmed the next week in the PET Scan..but it is always exciting to have GOD pin point and call you out! David, Beth and I teamed up for the Ultimate Treasure Hunt where we went out and with our 3 lists given to us by the Holy Spirit, looked up people who the Lord ear marked for treasures and talked to them, prayed with them and had such an exciting time. See Kevin Dedmonds' book- The Ultimate Treasure Hunt on Amazon for a really fun time! People were blessed and so were we!
We spent 3 days the week before camp with Caitlin, Haley, Tori and AShley planning camp. Then Memorial Weekend the Smiths came on Monday along with the rest of the family to celebrate the day...and on Tuesday...let the fun begin...The 11 Grandkids all arrived for four days of fun and frolic at camp!
We had so much fun and so many activities the week the kids were all here. The counselors, Caitlin, Haley, Tori and Ashley did such a great job of running the camp this year...we could have not done it without them. See the side link for Cowboy camp for many pictures from camp and Caitlin's fun dialogue.
We are just so thankful to God for all HE has allowed us to do. For our family, for our health, and mainly for JESUS and our adoption into His forever family. We are thankful that our grandchildren all are being trained up to know Him and walking with Him. What a blessing! God, you are so awesome!

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Lisa H said...

Our God is an awesome God, indeed! :) Love all the pictures.

We are so grateful to you and Dave for putting on Grandkids camp. You provide such a wonderful, loving, FUN and memorable time for our kids. Henry is still working on his memorization, by the way. He really wants to get the whole psalm memorized. :)