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Friday, June 25, 2010

To God Be the Glory

Our God is an awesome God! This week we are privileged to celebrate 47 years of God's grace in our lives. It was 47 years a go that we stood before the altar at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana and pledge our "troth" to each other! by HIS grace we are still loving each other and have enjoyed His blessings in our lives- above and beyond what we could have ever asked or thought! Dave is my very best friend, the love of my life, and I couldn't have asked for a better husband and father to my children. I love him so much! Over these years we have come to a deeper understanding of who God is and who each other is. We are blessed.
As if that were not enough for one I got an e mail from my nutritionist. I have worked with Mike and with the medical world in my battle against cancer. It was just 6 months ago today...Christmas day...that I discovered the large lump in my neck which was to be diagnosed several weeks later as Lymphoma cancer. A few weeks a go...after 5 of 6 scheduled chemo treatments, I had a PET scan which declared me Cancer Free. I have been awaiting the results of my blood test from Mike...which came today...and here is what he said...
Well, your reports are completed and attached and all your numbers are improving and at this time I cannot measure any cancer activity. The cancer activities that I could measure after your last chemo treatment are no longer measurable. It would appear at this point that your decision to discontinue the chemo at the time you did was a good choice. PRAISE AND GLORY BE TO OUR GOD WHO IS MY HEALER!
We spent the last couple of days in Little Elm with Amy and family. We met Amy and Brian at PF Changs...used to be our favorite....and had dinner...then spent the night with them...did some handy man jobs for them on Thursday then enjoyed their children and other children from their school in the summer orchestra concert. amazing! Their children are quite the accomplished musicians and we are so proud of them. God is just such an AWESOME GOD! All Praise to HIM!


Lisa H said...

Such great news and we are rejoicing with you! :)

Great pictures of the Smith kids. We were really sad to have to miss the concert and recital.

Beth said...

Love the wedding picture—congratulations on 47 years! : )