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Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Please your Husband

"The married woman must be concerned about her earthly responsiblities and how to please her husband." I Corinthians 7:34
I was listening to Corinthians on the way to work last week and had time to ponder this passage. As long as I keep this in mind, "Lord, how can I please my husband today?", things really run quite smoothly around here. I am very blessed as my man is EASY to please. He is not demanding about what to eat, or most anything. The things he likes me to do are so easy to accomodate in my life. He loves sitting in the hot tub in the morning with me. He gets up and makes our morning drink (consists of frozen fruit, Keifer milk, and a vitamin powder supplment- we love it) and Dave also brews our coffee(he has just the perfect blend of regular and decaf and adds JUST the right amount of French Vanilla Creamer!) He decided years a go that he did both these things better than I did...and I AGREED! The other thing he loves is to go dancing. We did this last Monday after we had babysat for 24 hours for Henry and Jonah. What fun! They are so darling.

We took them home in the afternoon- Sam got out of the hospital that day- then went to the Monday night dance.
What we didn't realize was how tired we were! We were only there less than an hour when we both looked at each other and said, "Let's go home." We hate to admit that our age wears us out sooner than we would like. I thought you might enjoy seeing an East Texas band and how the dance "hold" of East Texas looks They probably think we look just as strange doing Fox Trot, Rhumba and Swing to the country music! We have a great time though and I feel so blessed that Dave loves to dance so much. On Tuesday night we resumed our "Dance class" where we are teaching beginning Rhumba. It keeps us working on new steps ourselves so that we have things to "teach". Somehow, the things that tooks us many lessons to learn when we took dance in Florida- our younger students here pick up in one lesson! It is fun though and we both look forward to it each week. Our students range in age from a 6th grade girl to a 72 year old man. How much fun is that!
The other thing Dave just loves doing at the close of the sun is setting. (This by the way is taken from our dining room window) go out to his big wood pile which he has cut...pick out just the right logs...and build a fire for us to sit in front of and Law and Order ...or maybe Everybody Loves Raymond.
I can usually only handle about one t.v. show a night...preferring to read or work on the computer...but can do that sitting here with him. He makes us popcorn, and pretty much waits on me. What a guy! Pretty easy to "please him." He so pleases me.
If Paul had only known how wonderful married life could be...he may have written the Corinthians a different story!


Lisa H said...

What a great post MB! Love it.

The picture of you and Dave in your last post is beautiful--you both look so happy. :)

Chrissie said...

Awe! That is so sweet! Thank you for being an example of serving your husband! Love and miss you!

Beth said...

I love it that you're posting again. Maybe I'll get some inspiration for my own. : )