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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What an Awesome God we Serve!

One of my Christmas gifts from Dave was a necklace and earrings that I had seen at a local arts and crafts show. It wasn't real expensive...but he knew I wanted it and had to go out of his way to go back and get it and it was a sweet surprise. I wore it the first time on New Year's Day. Unfortunately...we spent most of that day with Dave in the ER with Sam and me with Lisa and the children at their home. Late that night- I was still at Lisa's- and took off the necklace and earrings and wrapped them in a Kleenex and put them in my purse. Several days laster I took them out and put them in my jewelry box...but when I went to wear them a day or two earring was gone! I was so sad...looked for the tissue but it had gone out in the trash to be picked up the day before. In the next weeks I took the purse apart where they had been, looked all over in the cabinets and drawers near where the jewelry box was...finally took all the jewelry out and carefully looked through the jewelry box. All in vain! The earring was gone. I asked God several times to help me find it. Finally last Sunday I took the necklace and picked it up to make sure the earring wasn't just "hanging" in the necklace. It was not! I looked at the one earring and wondered if MAYBE I could find the same beads at Hobby Lobby or somewhere to make another. I was so sad that this earring was lost. I closed the drawer and then prayed and told God that I knew He had created the whole universe and all in it out of nothing, and reminded Him that it would be nothing to create a new asked him to please, make me a new earring. I then went back to the jewelry box in the drawer- picked up the necklace- and there in the box were TWO earrings. God, you are so care about the little details in my life as well as the big! To GOD be the glory.


~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Ahhhh! I love this kind of stuff! That's our God...AWESOME!

Brandi said...

Awe, Mary Beth, what a neat testimony of God's care for us. The "little" things do matter to him and he continually blesses us more than we deserve! What an awesome, and kind God!
Beautiful necklace by the way. Your hubby is so sweet to go back and get that for you. You are so blessed! Love and miss you guys!

Beth said...

What a great story! : )