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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The New Year is Upon us!

Christmas has come and gone...and I MUST blog more often so I don't have so much to catch up on! We loved having all the kids and grandkids (all 26 of us) here for Christmas Eve Day. The highlight for me was the "Christmas Pagent" put on by most all the grandkids. What a joy to see our children's children proclaiming the true message of Christmas! We got to all the homes in the Garden Valley area- David's, JOn's and Sam's on Christmas Day.
This past weekend Amy and family were here for the Twins' Haley and Tori to celebrate their 14th birthday. We got to enjoy the 5 youngest in the hot tub with us on Sat. morning.

Tori caught a small bass but that was the extent of the fishing for the day even though we were able to enjoy unseasonably warm temps in the mid 70's. Tori longs for the days of the bigger bass like last summer!


Chrissie said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!! It is so good to see you and those precious Smith kids!!! We think of them often!! They are getting so big!! Give the kiddos and Brian and Amy a big hug from the Smith girls here in Florida!!!! Love you! ~Lynette :)

Brandi said...

Gosh, the twins turned 14? Our Johnathan will be 15 on the 11th. We miss you all so much. Looks like you are still having so much fun with all your grandchildren. What a blessing! Happy New Year!