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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm the MOM

Just sit back and ENJOY this 2 min. 55 presentation of the things we've said as moms- at least I did...and it made me laugh...out loud!!! All 6 times I've watched it. I hope you enjoy it...treat yourselves to a laugh!


Lisa H said...

Isn't this funny? I saw this one a while ago and showed it to Sam....we were laughing out loud! :)

Do you have a new layout for your blog? It looks nice. I especially like the picture of you and Dave on your sidebar!

Janell CHRISTine said...

this is HILARIOUS. :D
i find myself saying a lot of these things to "my kids" while being nanny. :D i'm really enjoying it, and i have much more of an appreciation for moms and all they do!! :D